Which colleges accepted/rejected you (April 2019)?

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First here are my stats:

SAT: 1580/1600

ACT: 36

5s on chemistry, biology, calculus AB and BC, english language, german language and culture, psychology, statistics, government and politics, u.s. history, macroeconomics and microeconomics, physics c: mechanics and physics c: electricity and magnetism (self study), environmental science (self study)

4 on AP english literature

GPA: 4.609/4.000 weighted and 4.000/4.000 unweighted

Extracurricular: President of national honor society, german honors society, and science olympiad, secretary of model UN, 4x national guild piano competition finalist, have a company that estimates molecular energy based on a coulombic matrix using artificial intelligence, created a cancer fund website called Campaign for Colon, riverside methodist hospital volunteer, interned at MayoClinic over the summer, varsity basketball for 2 years, national AP scholar, valedictorian, summa cum laude

I applied to 18 colleges as a neuroscience major

  • Princeton University— Accepted
  • Harvard University— Waitlisted
  • Stanford University— Waitlisted
  • Dartmouth College— Accepted
  • Brown University — Accepted
  • Yale University — Rejected
  • Ohio State University — Accepted w Full Ride
  • MIT — Rejected
  • Carnegie Mellon — Accepted
  • Washington University — Accepted with 30K scholarship per year
  • University of Michigan — Accepted with half off tuition
  • Columbia University — Accepted
  • Cornell University — Accepted
  • Texas Christian University — Accepted with full ride
  • University of Alabama — Accepted with full ride
  • UCLA — Accepted
  • UC Berkeley — Accepted
  • USC — Waitlisted

I got really lucky with all my colleges :)

I’m pretty thankful for getting into these schools considering how hard I worked in high school and all the AP classes and extracurriculars I did.

I’m still deciding but I’m leaning more towards University of Alabama or Ohio State University


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I may as well share, as maybe someone will take something from my college search. Like confirming that top college admissions are a crapshoot :P

Boring Stats:

Took SAT and ACT once each in junior year, 1530 and 36, respectively. Did meh on the writing sections. 800’s on Math 2, Chemistry, Physics, and both Biology SAT subject tests. 740 on Math 1. I don’t even know why I took that.

5’s on the Calc AB, Physics 1, Physics 2, Chemistry, and Statistics AP tests. 4’s on the Comp Sci A, Biology, and English Language AP tests.

GPA according to the UC system was 4.53, weighted. This was not including 1st semester of senior year, which made it go up significantly.

Cool Stuff:

Goes to a relatively large public high school in a suburban town. Competed in UWTA Nationals for poomsae in Taekwondo, does pole vault and is somewhat good at it (PR is 13’6”), makes art. Is bisexual and atheist, and ancestry comes from Southern/Eastearn Asia. I like to go mountain biking too. Obsessed with science, math, and pushing myself. Founder of Biology Olympiad club, and club president of Science Olympiad. Was a lead programmer in Robotics club. That’s pretty much everything I wrote about on my essays.



(If they asked for a major, I put Chemistry or Biochemistry)


UC Santa Cruz: Accepted. This was my first decision that I recieved, and I expected an admission.

UC Davis: Rejected. I started joking with my friends about how Davis rejected me.

UC Irvine: Rejected. Oh well, it was a safety anyway, right? Right?

Reasonably Attainable:

UC San Diego: Rejected. Huh.

UC Los Angeles: Rejected. Again.

UC Berkeley: Accepted! Whoo, I’m going somewhere. Those rejections were really starting to worry me. I thought I was a fluke or something.

Reach Schools:

MIT: Rejected. Kind of expected, as the interview was really awkward and unproductive. Hey, there’s a first time for everything.

Stanford: Waitlisted. Interview went okay. Kind of disappointed, as Stanford would’ve been a good school to go to.

Harvard: Waitlisted. The interview for Harvard went amazingly, in my opinion. I guess it wasn’t enough, but hey, like I said, it’s a crapshoot. Honestly wouldn’t have looked forward to the cold if I did go.

Caltech (my dream school): Accepted! I would like to say I nearly passed out or screamed when I got the letter, but I’m not all that emotional of a person. Really all I did was silently whisper, “Yes!” and turn off my phone. And then proceeded to drink 2 litres of root beer.

I am a recruited athlete (not a guaranteed ticket in, but definitely helped some), so I’m still dealing with imposter syndrome. Did I deserve to get in? Will I survive there? Is attending really the right choice? Whatever the answer is, I guess I’ll try my best and give it my all when I get there.

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I applied under the major of Electrical Engineering for all of my schools, Aside from the schools listed below, I got accepted to all the California State Universities I applied to. Honestly, I didn’t think any of my applications were that impressive, but I suppose certain colleges saw something.


GPA: 3.91 UW, 4.16 W, 4.3 UC, ranked 4/496 in my class

AP Classes: World History (4), Calculus AB (5) and BC, English Language/Comp (4) and Literature/Comp, Chemistry (5), Physics, American Government

SAT: 1460 (690 English, 770 Math)

SAT Subjects: 770 Math II, 710 Chemistry (took it a good half a year after the class lol)

Also worth noting that I took the ACT and did not submit it because I fell asleep halfway through. Got a 29.


These are the three activities that I actually found important:

4 years STEM Club President with participation in various coding and engineering competitions.

4 years MESA (Math, Engineering, Science, Achievement) Program with 19 awards in my first 3 years, placing at the national level.

3 years volunteering to help tutor students in math credit recovery classes after school and during summer.

These are my throwaways that I think barely had an impact on my application:

2 years National Honor Society, 2 years drug awareness club, 2 years math club, 1 year Editor-in-Chief of the school newspaper (worth noting that I had a lot of hours for this, but it was only 1 year and I did not write about it a single time).

These are the activities I quit after 1 year but ended up writing about in my general common app essay (not sure if that essay was good, to be honest):

1 year on-campus school volunteer club, 1 year JV tennis

Other Info:

First Generation Student

From Southern California



UC Irvine — ACCEPTED (into Honors College): Honestly, my whole life I expected to go to this school since all of my cousins attended, it’s right next to home, and it’s a pretty good school overall. After visiting the campus so many times for MESA competitions, however, I found it to be quite underwhelming and lacking educational opportunities. I will not be attending.

UC Santa Barbara — ACCEPTED (with Promise Scholarship): I applied because it has a pretty good engineering school, and it’s a step up from UC Irvine.

UC San Diego — ACCEPTED: I was pretty happy about this acceptance, since UCSD has a good engineering program and a very nice atmosphere to it.

UCLA — WAITLISTED: I was pretty surprised about this waitlist, not going to lie. I thought I had what it takes to get in, but I guess not. UCLA was one of my top options since it has a good engineering program, it’s far enough away from home, and it’s quite a prestigious school. At least it wasn’t a total rejection.

UC Berkeley — REJECTED: Not too surprised about this. I applied under EECS, and I don’t think I have the personality that Berkeley was looking for. Not too let down by the rejection though, since I’ve heard that Berkeley’s environment can get pretty impersonal with such a large student body, and the grade deflation is actually awful, causing many kids to become legitimately depressed.

Cornell University — REJECTED
Duke University — REJECTED
University of Southern California (USC) — REJECTED
Carnegie Mellon University — REJECTED
I’m going to bunch of all of these schools together in a single category because I don’t feel the need to explain each one of them separately. In general, I applied to them because of 1) their engineering program 2) their research opportunities 3) their networking opportunities and 4) their prestige (I hate admitting it, but it played a factor for me… especially for USC, but I guess their reputation isn’t so good anymore). From the get-go, I was not planning to apply to private colleges, but for the sake of the experience and the adults at my school saying “you never know!” I did end up applying (and I certainly did not end up regretting it). Although I got all of these rejections, I was able to salvage one victory…

Johns Hopkins University — ACCEPTED AND COMMITTED: To this day, I honestly still do not know how I got into this school. At around 12:05 PM or so, while I was still in AP Government, I was scrolling through Reddit on my phone to see who got accepted and rejected to JHU. After seeing the dozens of people with super high SAT scores, impressive ECs, and astoundingly impressive GPAs say that they got rejected, I honestly didn’t expect to get in. As I stepped into a classroom to check my portal, I was pretty much telling myself the entire time to not expect anything, since JHU is such a selective university and I would never have the chance to attend. I clicked “view status update.” “WELCOME TO THE CLASS OF 2023.” I think I screamed. Yeah, I definitely did scream. Really loudly. In a classroom. With lots of people in it.

Without dragging on the story much longer, I pretty much fell in love with the school after talking to some of the other admitted students, doing a little more research about the opportunities it offers, and touring the campus. I am now committed and will be attending in the fall of 2019.

If the college application process has taught me anything, it’s the fact that your beliefs will be turned completely upside down. You might end up falling in love with a school you never even knew you wanted to attend or hating a school you thought you would attend for your whole life. If you will be applying in the next few years and you are reading this, just go with the flow. Wherever life takes you, it’ll work out if you truly follow your heart. Don’t limit yourself because you think it’ll be impossible to get into a school with your low stats or lack of personality—colleges might see something in you that you may not even see in yourself.

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This entire admissions cycle has made me realize just how fragile my ego is. I applied to a LOT of top private schools, thinking that, at the very least, one of them might accept me. Although it worked out for me in the end, it was a very long ride that I will explain.

Living on the West Coast for most of my life, I wanted some change. I had always imagined myself at a small liberal arts college on the east coast with the full force of the four seasons.

I went to a rather competitive magnet public high school in Southern California. The following are my stats in a jiffy:

4.6 W, 3.7 UW

36 ACT

800 on Chem, 800 Math II, 780 Bio-M

Mixture of 4s and 5s on AP tests (mainly 5s)

Varsity Swim for 4 years

……And a bunch of other ECs I don’t feel like getting into

Onto my schools-

Early Action Schools:

Harvard- deferred -> rejected ( I connected so much with my interviewer though! Still keep in contact with him to talk about my college admissions process haha)

UNC Chapel Hill- accepted

Regular Decision Schools:

Princeton- rejected

Columbia- rejected (I was really pining for Columbia because it was another one of my best interviews and I love New York, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be)

Yale- rejected

UPenn- rejected

Stanford- rejected

Northwestern- rejected

Johns Hopkins- rejected

Emory- rejected

WashU in St.Louis- rejected

Duke- rejected

University of Notre Dame- waitlisted

Vanderbilt- waitlisted

UC Berkeley- accepted

UCLA- accepted!! (I went to visit and the campus was absolutely beautiful. I had actually committed here before UChicago came out..)

UC San Diego- accepted

UC Irvine- accepted

NYU- accepted

Boston College- accepted

Last but not least:

University of Chicago- waitlisted.

I have to say, I wasn’t too bummed when I first got the decision. I was really humbled getting into the waitlist, and wrote my letter of continued interest the weekend right after all of my decisions came out.

Then I let go. I decided the odds of getting off the waitlist simply weren’t in my favor. If they didn’t want me, then I still have UCLA. I avidly hoped for Vanderbilt though, since one of my best friends is going there and the campus is lovely. But my heart was already set 98% on UCLA, and I even started planning which classes I was interested in taking at UCLA.

Then I got an email from my regional admissions officer on the fateful day of 04/29/19 asking me if she could talk to me through the phone for ten minutes. She offered me a position for the Class of 2024, and everything still feels like a dream.

Although I had to wait a lot longer and go through immense turmoil over all of my rejections, it was all worth it in the end. Waitlists do suck since you are forced to wait without knowing when and how the decision will come along, and by then, you have already set your heart on another school.

But, UChicago simply checked off everything on my dream college attributes- not in California, towards the East Coast, definitely snows and has 4 seasons, and is a small liberal arts college with the Core Curriculum. The philosophy department can’t be beat either.

To all the future kiddos reading this, I want to make a few things clear about college applications.

  1. It doesn’t define who you are or how accomplished you are. Period. My grades were crappy as heck compared to my classmates and I didn’t have any national awards or terribly exciting things in my ECs. Everything is honestly based on pure luck, on the way your application just so happens to be absolutely fascinating and the perfect fit for the incoming class for a split second. Truly, don’t let it define you if you don’t make it as far as you would like to.
  2. Relax. It’s senior year!! If I could redo senior year, I would definitely have taken that extra hour nap or went out with my friends more. In the end, time spent on resting yourself will be far more beneficial than stressing over things beyond your control.

I’m excited to be attending UChicago as the class of 2024! I’ll be taking a gap year in Ecuador to hone my Spanish before starting my freshman year refreshed. :)

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if anyone has questions/help on their applications please don’t hesitate to email me at alin@bowdoin.edu

Hi I’m Alex and I remember being so obsessed with these last year, so here you go.

  • ACT: 35/36
  • SAT II: Bio E 800, Literature 800, Math 2 800, Chemistry 800, Physics 800, WH 800
  • GPA 3.8 UW 4.78 W
  • Montana Student of the Year
  • University of Montana Best delegate award
  • Presidents Service Award Gold
  • National Park Service Award


  • Redesigned my city’s public transit network to make it more accessible for low-income students.
  • (President) of Model UN
  • Montana Women Vote intern
  • (President) of Academic World Quest
  • (Director) of School’s TV channel
  • (President) Girls who code chapter in Montana
  • Documentary filmmaker going to TIFF
  • Basic stuff (NHS, student gov, and action committee)
  • Worked at a local community movie theater
  • Intern at an environmental consulting firm
  • Teach Young Girls to Code (via Girls Who Code)
  • Muir Woods (National Park) Volunteer Ranger
  • Ecology speaker ( Muir Woods)
  • Forestry volunteering
  • Muir Woods (National Park) Volunteer Ranger (over 100 hour

Results (in the order I received them)

Brown ED -> Deferred -> Rejected

Northeastern EA -> Deferred -> Waitlisted

St.Olaf RD -> Accepted 80k Scholarship

Wellesley College EE -> Deferred -> Accepted

Florida State University -> Rejected (???)

Grinnell College -> Accepted 96k Scholarship

University of Chicago -> Accepted

Colby College -> Waitlisted

Caltech -> Accepted

Denison College -> Rejected (???)

Pomona College -> Rejected (complicated situation)

Kenyon College -> Accepted 60k Scholarship

Montana State University -> Accepted 50k Scholarship

University of Montana -> Accepted 55k Scholarship

Oberlin College ->Accepted 72k Scholarship

Northwestern -> Rejected

Bowdoin College -> Accepted with Chamberlain Scholarship (will attend)

Scripps College -> Accepted

Smith College -> Accepted

Mount Holyoke College -> Accepted 100k Scholarship

Bryn Mawr College -> Accepted 50k Scholarship

Barnard College -> Rejected

Reed College -> Accepted

Carleton College -> Accepted

Claremont Mckenna College -> Accepted

New York University -> Accepted w scholarship for film

Harvard University -> Rejected

Columbia University -> Accepted

Yale University -> Rejected

Duke University -> Rejected

Tulane University -> Waitlisted

Stanford University -> Waitlisted -> Accepted

The University of Florida -> Rejected (?)

I really thought I would be going to Brown next year, but I now realize that Bowdoin is likely a better fit. :)

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ACT: 33 composite

Low income female

Rural southern public school

No SATs or Subject Tests (not offered in my area)

A.P.: 4 APUSH, 3 English Language (only 4 A.P. classes offered at my school)

Dual-Credit Psychology


12 years of piano lessons (National Guild Member, State Ensemble Member)

Future Business Leaders of America - 4 years (Secretary)

Yearbook - 2 years (Head Photo Editor)

Newspaper - 3 years (Supporting Founder, Vice Head Editor, Head Upcoming Events Editor)

Prom Committee - 2 years

BETA Club - 2 years

Rho Kappa - 2 years

Pep Section - 3 years

Library Aide - 1 year

Refit (Christian Zumba) (lol)

No Sports

50+ hours of community service


I had a recommendation from a professor at U.C. Berkeley who attended Harvard Law School.

Attended Stanford’s Pre-Collegiate Studies the summer of my junior year.

The shining point of my application was my essay. I’m honestly really proud of it.


University of Kentucky: Accepted, but with only half-tuition paid.

University of Portland: Accepted, tuition paid, room and board not. If I had to attend a safety, it would have been this one.

Carroll College: Accepted, decent aid. Applied on a whim.

Every Other School:

Washington and Lee: Waitlisted. This one hurt because I got it first. I was sure that meant I wouldn’t get in anywhere.

Notre Dame: rejected

Vanderbilt University: rejected. Another painful one, as it was my dream school when I was younger.

NYU Abu Dhabi: Accepted! Full ride, plus travel and an allowance. They flew me out to visit for candidates weekend, and I loved this school more than any other college I’d ever been to, but they didn’t have my major. I cried when I denied their acceptance.

University of Chicago: waitlisted

Stanford: rejected. I was counting on this one since I did a summer program there, but I couldn’t really see myself living there anyways.

Brown: rejected

Columbia: rejected

Dartmouth: rejected

Yale: rejected

Harvard: Accepted! This is where I will be attending in the fall. I was so surprised when I found out, because my stats are not really Harvard level. I guess they saw something in me that they liked. I’ll be the first from my high school to ever attend an Ivy League :)

Thanks for reading!