Will corona be a big financial problem for meghan/ Harry (security costs and no projects as of corona?)

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2楼-- · 2020-03-31 15:06

They are becoming private citizens and you should let them work it out themselves.

By the way please capitalize the M in Meghan

3楼-- · 2020-03-31 15:07

As they are part of of the normal world economy with their private enterprises they will also be subject to the rises and falls of the world economy.

Covid19 has currently closed economic activity to a greater or lesser extent throughout the EU, UK USA India and China and it will still continue as the virus has not peaked in many countries and is only starting to have an effect in Africa. We must anticipate a long haul to get the world’s economy back on track and thus whatever plans Meghan and Harry have, they will be subject to the same problems as the rest of the world’s economies.

4楼-- · 2020-03-31 15:07

Of all the questions and problems associated with the Covid19 pandemic, this has to be one of the most ridiculously trivial!

5楼-- · 2020-03-31 15:08

Well it will put a crimp on their ability to earn money as most of the “work” available to them if they could get any is considered non essential. But they have plenty of money already.

6楼-- · 2020-03-31 15:09

Very good question, I am not sure how the virus will effect the earning capactiy of the Sussex’s. I am already wondering how they are going to earn enough of their own money without the RF. But you and I both know they will not stop taking their annual allowance from Charles, so other than that amount of money, how they will generate enough money on their own to continue to live as they have the past 3 years is anyone’s guess. I know the virus has really effected alot of normal folks income already. With businesses and government agencies closed, especially privately owned businesses, their earning potential has gone down dramatically if not completely. You can’t make money if people can’t show up to work. The stay at home requirement does not allow much for people to leave their houses to get to work so unless your are independantly wealthy, you are not going to make money unless you can work from home.

It is my opinion, that MM and H don’t give a hoot about the virus. If they did they would have stayed where they were in Canada where it was cleaner, more private, healthier, quieter and with a lot less people. They moved into one of the dirtiests, most polluted, populated cities in the US. This is not a good way to take care of your family Harry, I am sorry but if you took this virus seriously, you would have stayed in clean Canada not moved to diry, dangerous LA. I don’t think that either of them were thinking about the health and safety of their son or themselves. I think MM got bored in Canada and was homesick and also knew that the borders of the US was closing soon so at the last minute they flew into LA on another private jet and here they are. How they are going to earn the amount of money they will need each month to keep them into the style of living they have grown accustomed to the last 3 years is another question. People are supposed to stay 6 feet away from each other, stay at home and not go out. The Sussex’s haven’t really followed those requirements have they? And neither of them, have really good job skills or the ability to find really really well paying jobs either. MM is a low rate actress pushing 40 which is a death sentence in Hollywood with little to no real acting experience other than showing up in different levels of undress on Suits. Harry has no education or degree nor has he ever held down a real job. He has some military experience but I don’t know how that will transfer into job qualifications. That leaves the talk show circuits for awhile, tell alls, writing books, things along those lines but they are not a contuining source of monthly income great enough to live on they way they are used to. So I have no idea how each month they will create the kind of wealth they will need to continue to live as they do without very well paying jobs. And now that most jobs have closed down due to the virus crisis, things will look even more bleak for them.

I think the Coronavirus will be a detriment to the Sussex’s earning potential while the stay at home, be 6 ft away from people restrictions are still in place. I am sure there will be those that don’t follow these rules and think they can’t get sick and the Sussex’s are two people I would put into that category. I think they think they are not vulernable to this disease because they are royals. But look at Charles, he is royal much more royal than those two, and he has tested positive for the virus. I hope and pray that says something to the Sussex’s. For the moment, their earning potential is up for grabs. I truly have no idea how they will legally make money, enough money for MM to be happy anyway. I am sure Harry will do all he can to make sure his wife does not complain. I would not want to be on the end of her complaining about anything and it is my opinion that Harry might feel the same way.

To answer your question, I am sure the virus will effect their earning ability to a great degree but what that degree is remains to be seen. My only concern is not for them but for Archie, I hope in their arrogance they do not expose their son to the virus. It does not appear to me that they are very concerned about his well being and that makes me really afraid for him.

This is all my opinion. If you disagree so be it but keep your words to yourself please. If you write me nasty notes, I will report you, block and mute you. Thank you for reading.

7楼-- · 2020-03-31 15:09

Do you know what?

I really don’t care. They have enough money to take the hit and daddy is still helping out Harry.

I am more worried for the people who have lost their jobs and do not have the money to pay their rent or mortgages.

I am more concerned about the people who have contracted Covid 19

I am more concerned about our hospital staff who have been working in an underfunded,under equipped NHS for ridiculous hours trying to save people’s lives.

Harry and Meghan are an irrelevance at this time.