What don\u2019t they tell you about accounting?

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Nothing much. It is not very complicated. Debit one thing, credit another. Can you add up to zero? Fine, whatever.

That covers maybe 90% of people. I suppose it depends what you term an accountant (a ledger entry clerk vs an ACA).

Some bits get more complicated, like how do you do hedge accounting but frankly not really.

Consolidation across multiple entities in different currencies can be a pain but…..

Most decent accountants are not accountants for the above reasons, they do something else but, unlike your degree, it is probably relevant. I suppose what they don’t tell you, not that it is a secret is, like your degree, being a qualified accountant is a route to other things not a thing in itself.

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It depends on who “they” are. I’ll assume you are referring to college professors who are training you (in theory) for your career in accounting. In that case, what they don’t tell you is that real-life accounting has a lot (ton) more judgment than the black and white textbook solutions to accounting. Not enough focus is spent on materiality and context, resulting in graduates beginning their careers assuming there is only one answer (per their learned textbook solutions) to each issue, when in reality, each problem needs to be solved within the context of all other transactions and account balances.

This is true I suspect, because many of those teaching haven’t worked in the real world, but rather have spent most of their life training to teach (living in theoretical worlds only).

Good news is that this will come with experience over time, so no harm, no foul.

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How angry many people get when they are presented with how much tax they have to pay. And how many of them accuse their accountant of being on the tax authorities side.

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I am giving this answer by assuming that they on the above question relates to professor of accounting.

Accounting is basically a very big thing there is a lot to study if you wanna to say you have complete knowledge of accounting.

Accounting in real life is totally different than that of what you learn in school and university. In reality you don't need to prepare accounts this is a job of software to do it for you. Your job is mainly to pass journal entries and wait and watch as other work is done by software like in Asia and some part of western Tally is very common software for doing accounting perhaps normally other accounting software are also similar just human interface is changed.

In real life accounting is decided into two parts

1 book keeping

2 Accoubting

Where book keeper is a person who pass journal entries from invoices of the company. He have to come daily morning take the invoice of the company and start doing journal entries.

After it's a role of accountant to verify the work of book keepers and to make all the measure adjustments and finalizing the balance sheet.

After both of them their is a role of auditor to verify the work of accountant and after if he found any type of mistake or any doubt ask it from accountant and make the books final for the interested party.

Normally in university and schools we learn only about book keeping and some part of accounting.

Adjustments and all you learn during the term of your training.

I hope you got your answer if not please inform me

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They did not tell me when I pursued a degree back in 2005 that in the later years accounting would include the CPA as part of the degree. I did not have the chance to actually acquire it while I was doing my undergrad.

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Accounting is cut and dry there's nothing in that you hide