What is your opinion given that Mnuchin and Trump are insisting on a $500 billion corporate slush fund be included in the coronavirus stimulus package, yet without accountability, rules, and no oversi

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2楼-- · 2020-03-28 06:06

That is how the grifter ran his businesses. That is how he is running this clown train wreck. How many times has he said how ‘transparent’ he is?? That is an outright LIE. He has blocked the release of WH and Mar-a-Lago visitor logs. He won’t release his tax returns or financial records to the Congressional committees who have the CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT to see them.
Remember Mnuchin said that turning over the crime boss’s tax returns would set a ‘dangerous precedent regarding the privacy of individuals with the IRS? That was his pathetic excuse why he would not allow the release of trump’s tax returns to the Committee that has a legal right to view them. But he had no problem turning over Hunter Biden’s tax returns, to the Finance Committee because Grassley requested them.
I cannot fathom how any thinking person could believe that anyone in this giant cesspool of corruption, greed, self-dealing, duplicity and incompetence has any concern for the majority of US citizens. The fact is that the clown train wreck of this administration is looking more like a mafia gang every day. SMH

3楼-- · 2020-03-28 06:06

I am sure it will be subject to very careful scrutiny by this administration.

The opportunity to have half a trillion dollars to reward Republican donors with pretty much no control or oversight will not come along often. Of course they will use it wisely - to get the biggest bang for the Republican Party from our money. Trump even admitted he was considering giving some of the money to his own companies.

4楼-- · 2020-03-28 06:06

What is your opinion given that Mnuchin and Trump are insisting on a $500 billion slush fund be included in the coronavirus stimulus package, yet without accountability, rules, and no oversight? Can we trust it will be used wisely?

I haven’t seen this anywhere, are you going to post a link to this “ supposed news story “? Or is this something you made up?

5楼-- · 2020-03-28 06:07

It's obvious it's a scam, for their own personal enrichment, IMO. No. It without a doubt will not be used honestly or wisely.

6楼-- · 2020-03-28 06:08

Please give me a single example when Trump used other people’s money honestly. I won’t even begin to hold him to a standard of using other people’s money wisely. That is a non-starter.

I am only unsure whether he would steal the money to pay of his multiple mortgages on everything he owns or just pour it directly into his bank account.

7楼-- · 2020-03-28 06:10

Well, we can always count on the Republicans to do what they can to line the pockets of the rich and powerful. They are more reliable than a Swiss watch when it comes to that. Let no crisis or disaster get in the way of plundering the public trust and public resources to make them richer, even if the plebes have to die in order to fight for that right to hoard more treasure.

OF COURSE we can’t trust them to use it wisely. This was the same gang that designed the tax bill so that the richest people got the majority of the benefits. This was the same gang that made tax breaks for the rich permanent while the crumbs the rest of us got are time limited[1] . This is the same gang that bailed out Wall Street and the banks, and left the average person holding the bag.

And we REALLY are going to trust Mnuchin, a guy that made a bloody fortune out of the housing crisis[2] by throwing people out of their homes, to do the right thing? Really?

We know the answer to this question. The real question is why do we keep giving people like this power over our government and our treasury.


[1] Enjoy those tax cuts, before they disappear

[2] Trump Treasury pick made millions after his bank foreclosed on homeowners