What are the best free (or cost effective) accounting tools for small business?

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The question is (I apologize for stating it this way) invalid.

No one wants free software.

Free software means it is not supported, it is not what you want/need it to be, and it also means that it is highly unlikely to exist in a few years, leaving you high and dry, if you were not left high and dry before then.

Your accounting data might be your most important data. And you are giving it away. For free. To who? Some high school kids? Who happen to run a server some where? Where? Which legal jurisdiction is the server? Who "owns" the data? 

The business model of "free" software out on the Internet is badly misunderstood.

It is not free, it never was, it never will be. It is a trade. It is a barter. You give them something, they let you click buttons on a webpage.

What have you bartered away?

What does it cost you when that barter goes sideways? Is it $100? $1000? $10k?

I humbly suggest paying money to a company that has been around, has a track record, has support, is likely to exist in 5 years, and you balance that barter (cash or stability) out over 5, or 7, or even 10 years. And then see where you are.

Most major technology decisions ought to have a 7 year timespan.

Good luck.


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Thanks Wray!
Great insights so far, I just thought I'd join in and add my two cents. There really is no one accounting/invoicing software that is best across the board for all small businesses. It really depends on your accounting needs, level of skill with accounting, price point, and the amount of time you are able to devote to your accounting. The more complex your accounting needs, the more likely you are to need a more complex system.

First and foremost, you mentioned free as a key factor.  That definitely takes out a lot of your options, and should make it much easier for you to narrow down your top choices. If you are looking for 100% free,  http://www.waveaccounting.com/ might be a great fit (disclosure: I work there).  If you just want a free trial version before you make your decision, there are some other options, including  http://www.xero.com/ http://kashoo.com  and Outright.com

Next, you should determine whether you are looking for a real double-entry accounting tool, or a financial tracking tool.  If you want real-double entry accounting, http://www.waveaccounting.com/ fits the bill, if you're looking for basic financial tracking,  Outright.com is financial tracking with a free trial. 

You should also consider if you want invoicing within your tool, and whether you want to run two separate applications, one for accounting and one for invoicing, or whether you want to find an application that has the functionality for both.www.waveaccounting.com  http://kashoo.com and http://www.xero.com/ are all apps that do both, whereas Freshbooks, Expensify and Invoicera.com are applications that specializes in invoicing (as mentioned above).

As many of these apps offer a free trial period (or like Wave are entirely free), I would recommend that once you've narrowed down what your needs are, you try out 2-3 and see which works best for you.
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Cheqbook (I work here) also has a free plan as well as paid ones. Our focus is saving people time via our categorization and interface so you can get back to business. I'm also impressed with the Wave and Xero. However, I would agree with other answers here that it would be best to look at paid options.

Lastly, there are some personal finance options here such as Mint that are not best suited to business accounting. Sara also makes a good point that some services are more centered around invoicing or expense tracking. Ideally you would like a system that has a solid accounting core with these features as well (such as Cheqbook, Wave, or Xero)
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Well, when it comes to accoutning tools - Quickbooks, MYOB and Xero are the leaders. There are free versions, paid ones and so on here and you can use them as per your requirement. The best part about it is that there is extensive community support for these software solutions and you can capitalize on that quite easily.

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SlickPie 100% Free Online Accounting Software is the way to go for small businesses looking to save time and get paid faster.

All the accounting benefits are available for zero cost, such as Online Invoicing and Billing, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Reporting, and Tax Management.

Automation is also a big deal in SlickPie, users have unlimited access to Automatic Payment Reminders, Auto-Recurring Invoices, and MagicBot - Automated Data Entry for absolutely zero cost.

This is how SlickPie’s intuitive interface looks like:

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We actually had this problem for our startup and realized there was no good resource. So we launched a site that searches social media to uncover what the most recommended products were. Here's a link to the top 5 most recommended accounting, SaaS tools: http://saas.buellr.com/?products...